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Hi I'm Kathryn Johnston, owner of HighendGRAFIX website. The samples of work shown on this website span many years

and the testimonials below, were gathered from some of my clients, quite a few years ago.

I am so grateful to have worked with all these colourful and amazing people.

“I have been working with Kath now for over 5 years and in that time we have developed a fantastic relationship. She is responsible for all of our branding  and wine label design, and in the very competitive wine industry, your wine label and branding is the first point of contact with your clients. Kath has ensured that we have only ever had extremely positive feedback and comments. I find her very easy to work with and is able to incorporate your ideas and turn them into something better – A sign of a great designer I will continue to work with Kath to develop and build our brand and I view her as my defacto Marketing Manager, and a key part of my company.”

Matthew Eagan - General Manager  Penmara Wines and  Bullion Cellars

“Kath is a speedy operator with a good eye and easy to work with manner, I find I can trust her after a verbal brief and her work exceeds my expectations.”

Rob Geddes MW - The Gold Book

Kath holds a unique position in the design world in that she produces work of incredibly high standard yet at half the time, money and fuss you would expect. The other refreshing aspect about Kath is that she is really fun and easy going. No design ego. I have had work done for me by Kath and I have also collaborated with Kath on certain projects - not only did each job come in under time and budget it all happened pain free. We also had a great deal of fun in the creative process! The one place Kath excels over most other designers is her ability to come up with great designs in a very short time - on most occasions Kath would come back to me with preliminary designs the same day she was briefed!  I have so much faith and belief in Kath as a designer that I forward on any of my clients without hesitation.             

Andrew M Gray - Singer, Songwriter, designer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Johnston for the past 3 years, and with her knowledge and experience has really enhanced and enriched our studio at Henry Schein Halas. I can only describe Kathryn as unique and rare talent and it is clear that she immediately has both an intuitive and intellectual grasp of design work. She has managed to capture the design work in all the different ways; practical and functional designs that are very visually beautiful.  I feel that I am very privileged to be able to work with Kathryn this year. I highly recommend her to anyone who may need any design work.”

Karl Emmett - Graphics Manager, Henry Schein Halas

Kath has been creating beautiful, innovative design work for my photographic business over the past 10 years and her designs have been an integral part of my successful marketing and promotional work. She is a truly gifted artist and always ‘gets it right’ - she has particular innate skills in working with photos and copy together, always delivery great designs, also under tight deadlines and with a smile!

Susan Wright, Photographer

“Kath has done great work with all of our newsletters and publicity material; she has recently produced excellent artwork for our large set of DVD’s. It is rare to find someone always on time, responsive and creative with a very reasonable fee scale.  We can thoroughly recommend her work.”            

Philip Latey, Osteopath

“Your service is fast, affordable, creative.... and it is always a pleasure to deal with you!... Ah, I forgot to say something else, you are flexible...yes, that is rather important for me, because so many graphic designers think that they, and only they, know how something looks right. And that is a pain.” 

Martin Mayer - Concept Holistic Health 

“Huntingdales have been delighted with the design and creative work from Kath Johnston for a number of years. We wish to thank her for the outstanding design work on Showcase Jewellers, Hino Trucks and Sullivan Dewing, Chartered Accountants and Business Builders on behalf of Huntingdales Brand Builders and Designers.”

Ross Kilpatrick  - Director, Huntingdales Brand Builders and Designers.

We have used Kathryn’s services for over two years in the preparation of our marketing material and our Trade Show exhibitions. We are more than pleased with her achievement. She also assisted with material for our website and we recommend a look at our site to see how good her efforts are. Kathryn was easy to work with, listened to and improved upon our ideas. Her charges were reasonable and we would look no further than her for any future work.

GaryLewis - Director, Hayda Natural Sandstone

“From consultation to execution, your services are exemplary and I love that you are always available to answer questions and offer assistance.

 The quality and consistency of the work you provide is an important factor to us in the Label Industry and we know that you will hit the mark every time. Thanks for your help in the past and I look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Brady Hill - Sales Manager,  Assta Label House.

“Kath Johnson is perhaps my favourite designer, her ability to produce from concept to press is her greatest assett and of course her pencil is always sharpened. I adore her work and recommend her at every opportunity.”

Nigel Williams - Apple Mac Specialist

“In the competitive industry of Recruitment, great branding and marketing is essential for success. Kathryn Johnston has been an integral part of the success of our business for over 10 years. Her dedication and expertise in everything she delivers is exceptional and nothing is ever too great a task for Kathryn. WestWise Recruitment looks forward to a continued working relationship with her for many years to come.”

Letizia Stanco - Manager

Kath Johnston the maestro of graphic arts design! Kath puts the imagination, the wisdom, the class and the wow factor into whatever you ask her to design, her beautiful creations always become your successes.  

Aleeta Northey - Choreographer

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